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Our Dog Adoption Event is Friday October 22nd from 11-2pm hosted by Subaru of Puyallup. The event will be held in the building closest to 7th street. Look for the balloons and the signs!

October 23rd 11am-3pm.
15019 Meridian East 
Puyallup, WA 98375 
Dogs, cats and Howl-o-ween fun! Come meet our adoptables at Hot Diggity Dog Daycare! We love the folks at Hot Diggity Dog! Thank you for continue to host us! 

We are a foster based rescue (read more on our post below), and we are now hosting adoption events for you to meet potential adoptees! We hope you'll join us at our next event where we will have all of our adoptable pets! They are ready to join you in your loving home! 

We no longer have a physical shelter.

As you may have seen or heard, we had an electrical fire on the evening of January 19th, and our building had to be evacuated. Luckily the fire was in an area where no people or animals were present. Everyone was safe. Everyone was cared for. We’re so appreciative of the first responders on site, our volunteers, and all of you for checking in.

We are no longer operating out of a shelter and instead are utilizing foster homes for all pets in our care. As you can imagine, becoming a foster based organization over night was a stressful time for us and months later, we are still modifying our operations to accommodate the current times. With COVID restrictions and loosing our shelter after being there for over a decade, we ask for your patience as we do our best to create a positive adoption experience for you, your family, and most of all, the pets in our care. 

During this difficult time, we continue rescuing those who need us most. From the young stray with a broken hip, to the kitten in need of emergency surgery due to an infected eye, or the old dog whose family is moving away. Our goal is to say yes to those who others may be turning away. With your help and support, we can continue this mission to support homeless pets and save even more lives! Donate today and help us rebuild, grow, and create programs that will facilitate more outreach to our community! 

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Are you looking to add a dog or cat to your family? We would love to help! Please read through our adoption application process for what to expect.

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Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue & Hospital is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit, helping dogs and cats find loving homes. Rescuing those from euthanasia and helping some with severe medical needs, Sunny Sky's continues saying yes to the dogs and cats who need them most. Help save more lives in 2020. Donate today.

Our story began with one veterinarian, one old city bus, and one very big dream...

Find out how to get pre-screened prior to your arrival and meet our adoptable pets! 

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Pup of the week! Donations needed for Tanner!


     Life has not been kind to one year old, Tanner. Hungry, fearful, and in pain, every day was a struggle for this sweet puppy. Tanner was living in a homeless camp in Eastern Washington. Food was scarce and nights were scary. Survival was all that Tanner knew. One day, Tanner was struck by a car. Suffering in pain, and scared of humans, Tanner hid under a car for a week before rescuers could catch him. Once rescued, he made his way to us, where we knew he was meant to be. It's through YOU, our incredible community, our veterinarian who dedicates all her time and resources, and our volunteers who give their heart to our rescue animals, which make us a popular safe haven for injured animals in need. When we were contacted about Tanner, our hearts filled with hope that we could be the beginning of his 'Happily Ever After.' With your help, we can!

     Because Tanner was struck by a car, he suffers from a badly broken pelvis, and he is also in need of a surgery called an FHO, which stands for femoral head ostectomy.

    A specialist is needed to perform this surgery and we are hoping to raise $3,500 for his procedure and care. Tanner is scheduled for this surgery in a few days and we are hoping you can help us raise this money in time, so he can receive the care he needs, and we can begin to teach him about all the fun being a puppy is supposed to entail. At the moment, Tanner is fostered by a member of our hospital team, where he receives pain management and a specialized diet that will help him gain weight due to his emaciated condition. With your help of donations, shares, and support, we know we can give Tanner everything he needs, so when a family comes along to adopt him, he will be ready to embark on the best parts of life. All of your donations go straight to Tanner's care! We are so grateful for your support of Tanner! You can make all the difference!