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Who and Where We Are

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue in Northwest Washington. Our focus is helping animals who need us most, specializing in helping animals in need of medical attention. 


In 2020 we lost our shelter due to a fire and have since transitioned to a foster based rescue. 

But we have exciting news! We are currently seeking a new place to call home. Do you think you can help? For more info on our rescue and how you can help with our current ventures, click the button below. 

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Adoption Event Information

Want to meet a variety of our adoptable pets? Join us for an adoption event! We would love to help you find a purr-fect pet to call family! Our adoption event information will be posted here and on our Facebook page frequently. We are an all foster rescue, meaning we do not have a physical location of our own at this time. Events are held in a variety of locations, typically on weekends. If this doesn't fit your schedule, no problem! Visit our adoption process page to find out more on how to meet the animals you're interested in adopting!

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Donation Drive!


We now have a drop off location for donations! Mrs. Turner's has kindly offered to be a drop off location for donations to our rescue pets. If you would like to donate food, laundry soap, blankets, treats, etc for our animals in need, we would love your help! And while you're there grab some pie and a delicious meal! We love Mrs. Turner's and all the support they give to Sunny Sky's Pets!
701 E Main Ave, Puyallup, WA 98372


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Pet of the month!
Meet Penny!
We need your help now more than ever.

     In rescue we take in dogs and cats accepting of care we may not be aware of, because we know that like many of you there isn't anything we wouldn't do for our pets and in our case, the rescue animals in our care. When we were contacted to take in Penny, a loving pup prone to recurring ear infections, we once again welcomed her as we do all. What we didn't know is that Penny had two badly broken front elbows that had never been treated. Not knowing how she previously broke her elbows or how long she had to endure the pain while her body had to heal her bones in the only way it knew how, Penny continued on with life at some point and learned to walk on her legs again. Penny is only two years old. Because the fractures were left untreated, her elbows will never be the same, but a specialist will try to reconstruct the elbows as best they can.

     Our promise to every pet when they come to us is that we will do everything in our power to help them. And we will again fulfill this promise in Penny's case. For Penny to receive surgery, each elbow surgery costs $8,000. Penny is scheduled to have her first elbow surgery on Monday, August 29th. With your help we can continue helping sweet pups like Penny. We know this is a lot to ask for one dog, but we also know that they are all worth it. To see Penny find a loving home, to see her grow and bring joy to her future family and become a beloved member of that family, is what makes this worth every penny and more. If you are able, we would love your help in sharing this post and donating. Everything helps. We will share Penny's progress along the way. She has a way to go before she'll be available for adoption, and in the meantime she'll be healing in a loving foster home. We appreciate your support!

Donations like yours enable us to continue saying yes to pets in need, like Penny. Our mission is to help rehabilitate, and focus on rescuing pets with special needs and with your help, we are able to give those who need a little more TLC, just that. We appreciate all your support and care!

Remembering Loved Ones

Read more on the animal lovers who made our world a better place and are no longer with us today.

Do you have a loved one you would like to memorialize?

Do you have a loved one you would like to memorialize? Send us an e-mail and we'll make sure to include them in our memorial page.

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

Are you looking to add a dog or cat to your family? We would love to help! Please read through our adoption application process for what to expect.

Our Story

Our story began with one veterinarian, one old city bus, and one very big dream...

Adoption Process

Find out how to get pre-screened prior to your arrival and meet our adoptable pets! 

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