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Be a part of our sanctuary

Make a difference that will impact dogs and cats for generations to come. 

Want to give a Christmas gift that has meaning and can make a difference? Maybe you want to memorialize a pet who has passed. Maybe you have a business who you would like to advertise while helping rescue pets? Or you just want to put your name out there because you want to make a difference? Help us build a dream sanctuary for rescue dogs and cats that will feel more like home than a shelter. A place where families can gather and spend ample time taking their prospective dog on a walk and learn all about what this pet is like before bringing them home. A place where people can read a book and see which cat fits best in their lap when choosing to adopt. We want to create an environment where families and animals all feel at home and can truly be themselves. 


Be a part of something that matters.

We would love your help as we build a sanctuary for rescue animals. We have the place, now we need housing for our animals. As we build our sanctuary we want for you to forever be a part of making this place your own. With your support we will make this a place we can all be proud of. A place where we can all gather, laugh, and be moved by the precious lives who wouldn't be here today without your help. 

Difference Maker Tile

Angel Tile

     Personalize your tile by engraving your choice of text up to 300 characters. You can choose to memorialize a pet who has passed, or represent a business, put your pets name on there, or your family name. The choice is yours! Your support goes to helping us build habitats for our rescue animals.

     Tiles are 4"x8" and can be purchased starting at $100. 


Sign up to be a monthly donor and receive your custom tile on our Angel Wall. Monthly donors are the Angels of our rescue who help create stability in an unpredictable environment. When a pet needs an unexpected surgery or we receive a call from a neighboring shelter to take in a pet with medical needs who will be euthanized if we say no, your monthly donation helps us say yes! Having predictable income and knowing we can continue to provide for the animals in our care month after month is a gift to rescue animals all year round!

     Tiles are 4"x8" and monthly donation tiles are engraved after you have reached three consecutive months or you reach $100 in donations, which ever comes first. 


Send us your Engraving Request!

If you missed the prompt on PayPal, you can still send us your Engraving Request for your tile by sending your message here. Please keep your engraving under 300 Characters. 



If you would like a company logo or clipart, please send this request here as well, so we can help and discuss format.

    Thanks for submitting!

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