For those gone

But Never Forgotten

There are many special people and pets who leave lasting imprints on our hearts who we will never forget. They made our world a little brighter, a little better, and are dearly missed.

This memorial page is dedicated to Amber Marie Andringa. Amber was an avid animal lover and rescuer. She made the world a brighter place with her kind heart and compassion to those pets who needed a little extra love. She is missed dearly.


Amber Marie Andringa

Sweet Amber sadly passed away on Monday, November 1st, 2021. Amber was an avid animal lover and supporter of Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue. The first time Amber adopted from our rescue, she met Merlin. Merlin was an incredibly timid and frightened miniature poodle. With many dogs jumping up and down to greet visitors, Merlin sat at the back of the cage, quiet and shut down. It was clear Amber wasn't just there to adopt a dog. She truly wanted to help a dog who needed the love, compassion, and patience she knew she could provide. Upon meeting Merlin, Amber knew he was the one. After a while, Amber came back with a friend and adopted a buddy for Merlin. They chose to adopt Gus, a fun loving border collie mix with a flare for fun! Amber loved animals dearly, and we are so grateful for the love and compassion she showed to those underdogs who needed her. Amber is missed dearly by friends and family. Feel free to comment, donate, or share in her memory. 

Where are Merlin and Gus Today?

Merlin is now living with Amber's sweet parents who are accommodating his every need. Merlin is a little older now and requires special medical care they are willing and able to provide. Merlin has come leaps and bounds since his adoption from our rescue and is not as timid and frightened as he once was. Thanks to the love and compassion he was shown, he has been able to live a wonderful life and will continue to do so for the rest of his days. The man who adopted Gus with Amber has Gus and he is very loved.