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Choose a monthly plan that fits your budget and gives to rescue pets all year round. 

Choose where you would like to see your donations go by clicking below. 

Monthly Contribution $35

Monthly Contribution $20

Monthly Contribution $50

Help us build our kitten nursery. 

Each year we receive dozens requests to take in orphaned kittens or mama kitties and their babies. It's so important to keep them in a safe, clean, and quiet environment. With your help, we will put your donations to creating the kitten nursery complete with roomy kitten condos, incubators, and more!

Help our pups!

Help create innovative and cozy environments for rescue dogs. This will also include the construction of large yards for pups to run, play, and meet prospective families in!

Monthly Contribution $100

Angels for Senior Pets

Senior pets are just as special and deserving of love as anyone else. Seniors are near and dear to our hearts and being able to cover the initial costs that may prevent some from considering adopting a senior pet, helps find them loving homes they so deserve. With this monthly subscription, you will be helping to cover these costs which include items such as bloodwork, dentals, and monthly prescriptions.  

Unexpected Emergencies

Help us say yes to animals who need our immediate help. We often receive calls from neighboring shelters who would like for us to rescue dogs or cats who have medical needs. Because we have a dedicated veterinarian as our founder, this is right up our alley. The costs of treating these animals is often thousands of dollars and your contribution will create a stable income we can rely on and will help us say yes to those animals who need us most. 

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