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Horse Ranch

Let's Dream Together

With your help, we can create an animal sanctuary that will help serve our community for generations to come.

     In 2021, our shelter had a fire. Luckily the fire was in an area where no people or animals were harmed. Unfortunately, we lost the home we knew for over two decades and had to transition to a foster based rescue overnight.

   We are now under construction at our new facility and are actively working toward a vision we've had for many years. Thanks to a generous donation in the saddest of ways, we were provided with the opportunity to put down a payment to purchase a property. One animal lover wanted to make a big difference in the lives of pets in need, and in doing so they left us with a donation upon their passing that will allow us to pursue a dream we've had for many years. We want to honor them in the best way we know how and use this donation to be able to continue our rescue how we have always envisioned.

     Our dream is to create a non traditional adoption center. We want to create an adoption experience. We want to host rescue animals in an environment that gives dogs and cats more of a feeling of being in a home. We want to welcome our community to visit and spend as much time as they would like with an adoptable pet so they are able to really get to know them before bringing them home. We want to provide a pressure free, fun, and rewarding experience for all involved; an experience that allows people to take a dog on a walk, or the opportunity to introduce your existing dog to adoptable pups to see who they enjoy playing with best. We want to invite people to hang out with our cats, grab a book and see who makes the best lap cat, if that is what you're looking for. We would even love to provide a place for people to pack a picnic, and hang out while getting to meet and learn about the farm animals we've rescued throughout the years.

     You can help. Do you like designing, painting, or can just help on an occasional weekend? Maybe you want to make a donation? Send us an e-mail and we can let you know how to get involved!

    While we make this transition, we can really use your help to cover sustainability costs. We are currently focusing our energy on getting this new place up and running for a few months. We know we can make a huge difference in the lives of many with your help. Sign up to become a monthly donor and for the price of a coffee per month, you help us count on you to continue with our rescue and helping those who need us most. 

     It was 1999 when Dr. Illina Berton began practicing veterinary medicine on East Main Avenue. Her passion for animals had been a constant throughout her life, and for the next ten years the staff of the animal hospital were frequently involved with rescue. But in 2009 Dr. Berton knew she wanted to do more. After seeing a dog named Spike online, she drove to Southern California. Spike was due to be euthanized for minor medical issues. She knew she could help. When she arrived to the shelter, her world was forever changed. Seeing the perfectly adoptable dogs being euthanized due to overcrowding, she decided to dedicate her life to saving them. Dr. Berton adopted Spike, who became nicknamed "Sunny Sky" as his gloomy days were far behind him, and soon there would be sunny skies for thousands of ill fated animals. It only seemed fitting to name our shelter after the dog who inspired what is now known as Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue & Hospital.

     In 2010, Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue, a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization was founded as Dr. Berton converted her practice into a shelter. Together the team fundraised to purchase an old city bus that cost $5,500. February 27th of 2010, the team made the 17 hour journey to the East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys and packed the bus with over 40 dogs, and drove them to safety. It was a success! With an abundance of adopters in Northern Washington, people were eager to rescue the dogs saved by the Rescue Bus. Many trips were made, and hundreds of dogs and cats were saved from overcrowded shelters. Taking advantage of the unique opportunity of having a dedicated veterinarian, the rescue was able to take on dogs and cats who needed medical care no one else was able to provide. As the shelter grew, the demand for dogs and cats in Washington grew with it. 

     One gloomy day, the rescue bus hit a pothole on the freeway and was irreparably damaged. It was time to retire the bus and search for other means of transportation. Soon Sunny Sky's was partnering with other non-profits and shelters willing to transport the dogs to them, by land and by air. There was never a day the shelter would go empty. 

The community of Puyallup began to know the rescue as safe haven for all, often bringing many injured, homeless animals to Dr. Berton as they knew she would do her best to save them. Whether it be a goat, a pig, a turkey or crow, we've seen it all! 

     Today Sunny Sky's celebrates over 7,000 adoptions. It's because of the kind people who choose adoption that we are able to help those who need us the most. With no state or city funding, Sunny Sky's is constantly trying to find ways to fundraise, and help even more animals. This year, we have our goals set high as we dream of creating an animal sanctuary to help even more dogs and cats in need. 

Thank you for supporting Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue & Hospital. Your support is everything to us. With your help we will change the world one paw at a time. 


     Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue, a registered 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. All donations to support the rescue efforts are tax deductible. Tax ID #274119996. 


     Sharing our animals that need to be adopted, sharing of your ideas, sharing your contacts or resources, donations big & small, are truly appreciated!  


     Thank you for helping us save these precious lives!!

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