Update on Petra, now Miss Peaches!

From a terrified pup, to a loving family member.

Petra's family writes,


I think I am definitely her human now! She is sweet and a little bit spunky! She also snorts while playing and it’s the cutest and funniest thing! She’s comfortable with me and Nate now. She has a barkbox subscription and lots of toys! She loves to play- like she always wants to play! I do think her favorite place to be is in my arms! We are training and now that she has learned to sit she does it every time she wants something. Petra is now Miss Peaches. She is doing very well walking on her leash with her wonder walker harness. Her size in a wonder walker is tiny!

I think she is starting to realize that she is home now! Miss Peaches had her first vet visit at my work. I was with her the whole time and she even accepted pets from the doctor.

She is wonderful and I’m very happy she’s our dog!!"


Remembering Stevie...


Stevie was fortunate to have the life every dog dreams of...

We were so fortunate to be able to follow Stevie on his many adventures throughout the years. Adopted in 2017, Stevie won the hearts of a loving family who took him on adventures, loved, and spoiled him dearly. They even adopted a doggy sister for him when it seemed he might enjoy the company. Throughout the years, we received many donations from Stevie and his sister, also adopted from us, named Tina. We are so grateful his family gave us the opportunity to share in all his adventures throughout the years, as this is the reason, we continue rescuing. Thank you to Stevie's amazing family who gave him the best life throughout the years and who continue being the best doggy parents a pup could ask for. We are so incredibly sorry for the loss of Stevie. Rest well sweet pup. You are so loved.

His family writes, "Hello Sunny Sky's! Over the last few years I have sent updates on my dog Stevie. He was a senior dog in not great health and you guessed he was about 15. Well, I had him for 4 wonderful years but he passed away today. I’m forever grateful for you as you brought my fur baby Stevie into me and my husband's life. Thank you!"