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Update on Petra, now Miss Peaches!

From a terrified pup, to a loving family member.

Petra's family writes,


I think I am definitely her human now! She is sweet and a little bit spunky! She also snorts while playing and it’s the cutest and funniest thing! She’s comfortable with me and Nate now. She has a barkbox subscription and lots of toys! She loves to play- like she always wants to play! I do think her favorite place to be is in my arms! We are training and now that she has learned to sit she does it every time she wants something. Petra is now Miss Peaches. She is doing very well walking on her leash with her wonder walker harness. Her size in a wonder walker is tiny!

I think she is starting to realize that she is home now! Miss Peaches had her first vet visit at my work. I was with her the whole time and she even accepted pets from the doctor.

She is wonderful and I’m very happy she’s our dog!!"


Remembering Stevie...


Stevie was fortunate to have the life every dog dreams of...

We were so fortunate to be able to follow Stevie on his many adventures throughout the years. Adopted in 2017, Stevie won the hearts of a loving family who took him on adventures, loved, and spoiled him dearly. They even adopted a doggy sister for him when it seemed he might enjoy the company. Throughout the years, we received many donations from Stevie and his sister, also adopted from us, named Tina. We are so grateful his family gave us the opportunity to share in all his adventures throughout the years, as this is the reason, we continue rescuing. Thank you to Stevie's amazing family who gave him the best life throughout the years and who continue being the best doggy parents a pup could ask for. We are so incredibly sorry for the loss of Stevie. Rest well sweet pup. You are so loved.

His family writes, "Hello Sunny Sky's! Over the last few years I have sent updates on my dog Stevie. He was a senior dog in not great health and you guessed he was about 15. Well, I had him for 4 wonderful years but he passed away today. I’m forever grateful for you as you brought my fur baby Stevie into me and my husband's life. Thank you!"

Saving Poppy...

242390288_916560468948799_3424125509541315069_n (1).jpg

     When a nice lady in Lake Tapps, found Poppy in the wetlands of Bonney Lake, her eye was extremely infected and she was very ill. Upon contacting a city shelter, the kind woman was turned away, and it was suggested she bring her to a veterinarian who could euthanize her. The kind woman put out a plea for help online and it just so happened, our volunteer, Patsy saw it and dropped her plans and ran to her rescue! Patsy picked up the sweet kitten, gave her the name Poppy, and

rushed her to receive medical attention. The medical team soon realized she was incredibly anemic and had to wait for surgery until she was stronger. In the meantime, Poppy received around the clock monitoring, a special diet, medications, and ointments that helped keep her comfortable. A few days later, Poppy was feeling better and was no longer anemic. She received the surgery and has now found an amazing forever home! We are so incredibly grateful for your donations, shares and good wishes towards our sweet girl, Poppy! It is only because of kind people like you that we can continue this life saving work!

Our Hero, Champ

If Champ were able to write a book. It would be a best seller! Champ was found in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico He survived blood-curdling injury that we can't even imagine how it might have happened, but his lower jaw was gone. BAJA S.A.F.E. takes on the hardest, saddest cases in Los Cabos, and with bionic commitment saves them. They named him Champ and he is one. His jaw was miraculously rebuilt.

On November 13th, 2021, Champ attended an adoption event here in Washington with our friends at Hot Diggity Dog Doggy Daycare. He had many visitors, but the bond between Champ and his new dad was something you would read in his book and just get goosebumps.

Champ's dad has all ready sent us photos of Champ in the car with him with the biggest smile. Champ we are going to miss you and thank you for trusting us humans even though someone out there did you wrong at one point of your journey! A huge thank you Mutt Mutt Engine for bringing this sweet pup to Washington and trusting us to be a part of his Happily Ever After. It was only a short time after our departure from Champ, that his new dad already had sent us photos of his car ride home, where Champ wagged his tail the whole way. 

Above is when Champ was found, under a car in Mexico. His jaw was completely gone.
Here is Champ on his way to his new home!

Champ and his new Dad!


Tanner, a living miracle

     Life had not been kind to one year old, Tanner. Hungry, fearful, and in pain, every day was a struggle for this sweet puppy. Tanner was living in a homeless camp in Eastern Washington. Food was scarce and nights were scary. Survival was all that Tanner knew. One day, Tanner was struck by a car. Suffering in pain, and scared of humans, Tanner hid under a car for a week before rescuers could catch him. Once rescued, he made his way to us, where we knew he was meant to be. It's through YOU, our incredible community, our veterinarian who dedicates all her time and resources, and our volunteers who give their heart to our rescue animals, which make us a popular safe haven for injured animals in need. When we were contacted about Tanner, our hearts filled with hope that we could be the beginning of his 'Happily Ever After.' With your help, we did!

     Because Tanner was struck by a car, he suffered from a badly broken pelvis, and was also in need of a surgery called an FHO, which stands for femoral head ostectomy. A specialist was needed to perform this surgery and with your help we raised $3,015 out of his $3,500 bill for his procedure and care. After Tanner received surgery, he recovered in our care until it was time for him to find his forever home. 

    Before long, he did just that! He found an amazing home with a family who loves him dearly. Tanner went from sleeping under cars and hiding from humans, so lounging in beds and snoozing on a cozy run in front of the fireplace. His new family writes, "Tanner loves cuddling in bed! He has met the cat next door and the neighbor dogs. And is making friends with everyone. There is a prance in his step on walks and he knows where his home is returning from walks. He is so loved!"

     We can only help dogs like Tanner, because people like you believe in us. It's with your shares, your donations, and your support that we can continue helping those who need us most. When times are hard, we continue to help, and we do it because of you. Thank you for all the support you have shown, in hard times and happy times, we appreciate you, our supporters! 

Squash, now Charlie!

An adorable update from his family!

"Hello! My name is Hannah, and my partner Zac and I adopted Charlie (formerly: Squash) in May 2021. He has been such an incredible addition to our lives and brings us so much joy. His personality has always been big, and watching him settle in and learn to trust has been really rewarding. He is still a total snuggle bug and his favorite place seems to be smooshed between us, wherever we are! We are working on his leash reactivity and helping him stay calm on walks. He is beloved by our friends, family, and neighbors. Charlie has captured our hearts and we can't imagine life without him!!!"

unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg

Meet Madison!

Like most of you, there isn't anything we wouldn't do for our furry friends. They trust us, and in return for our care they reward us with unconditional love. In rescue we make a lot of furry friends, and they look to us to protect them and keep them safe. Madison came to us looking for this same thing.

When Madison arrived, she had a badly infected eye that was matted shut. She received immediate care to treat her eye. Although the eye is no longer visual, with daily medication she can be kept comfortable. Because she was a senior pup, she had blood work this same day. Madison soon went to her loving foster home where it was noted that Madison was constantly straining to urinate and seemed uncomfortable. Radiographs showed that she had two very large and painful bladder stones. The stones took up nearly all of the room in her bladder which is why she was never able to feel relief. Surgery was scheduled to remove those stones. Once her stones were removed, they were sent to a lab to be analyzed.


Madison is doing much better. We had another urine culture taken to rule out infection post surgery, which has come back negative. Yay! After she recovered from her initial surgery, Madison required extensive dental surgery in which resulted in multiple extractions. She continues to amaze us daily with her astounding recovery.


Madison's care is costing us approximately $3,500. We are hoping you can help. We know to some it may sound silly to spend this kind of money on a senior pup with so many medical ailments. We also know that there will be people who get it too. People who understand that every penny is worth it knowing that it helped a senior pup get to a loving home where they are called family. Madison is the most loving, kind dog, and she gets along so well with the other pups in her foster home. She is so quiet that we've never heard her make a sound. She loves to cuddle and words really don't do this sweet girl justice. She's special, inspirational, and her transformation has been so heartwarming to experience. We are asking for your help so we can continue saying yes to dogs like Madison. With your support we will change the world for many dogs and cats who need us most!

Donations like yours enable us to continue saying yes to pets in need, like Madison. Our mission is to help rehabilitate, and focus on rescuing pets with special needs and with your help, we are able to give those who need a little more TLC, just that. We appreciate all your support and care!

Update: Madison is still in foster care with our medical team. She has improved greatly and is one happy pup. She is a quiet little girl who loves to cuddle and be loved. She is still leaky so she does need a home with people who are okay with her being leaky and changing a diaper. If you are interested, send us an e-mail to

Madison does require daily medication. She gets along well with other calm dogs. 

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