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This season, we hope you'll put one of our rescue pets on your shopping list and help make their holiday a little brighter this year as we help them find their fur-ever homes! With your help we can make this the best Christmas ever for our rescue pets!

Woody is hoping for dog TOYS for Christmas!




Christmas Star is hoping for cat TOYS for Christmas!



Stockings is hoping for a cozy new bed and perhaps some blankets too!

Dogs and cats who enter our rescue are often exhausted, confused and looking for a soft place to lay their head so they can decompress. Help by donating towards a new cozy bed!



Northstar is has TREATS on his list!

Northstar loves busy bones, kong, and things to keep his active mind and mouth entertained. Help by contributing to treats and other stimulating activities to help our rescues engage their minds!




Tomasa is hoping for some pampering!
We all deserve to feel a little pampered right? ;-) Provide a much needed pawdicure, (ie. nail trim and bath) to a rescue pet who needs it! Some dogs who come to us have long, overgrown nails and are in need of medicated baths to help soothe their skin. Your donation goes to just this!





Paulino is hoping for a new 'do'!
Give the gift of grooming to a rescue dog in need. Many times we welcome dogs to our rescue who are covered in matts. Some are so bad they can barely see or move. Paulino here is not one of those, but he could use a good groom before going to his forever home! We often recruit the professionals for these dogs who are in much need of a good grooming. Your donation provides dogs not just the gift of looking pretty, but the gift of feeling good and back to themselves after a long, painful time of neglect.


Pictured here are previous residents, Niki and Peanut. Both came to us horribly matted and with donations like yours they were groomed, and that helped them find a home super fast! They even found a home together! 

Snowflake would like help to mend her broken heart.
Snowflake was born with a hole in her heart. This caused a severe heart murmur and without surgery, she wouldn't live long. We were able to take her to receive her lifesaving surgery in the beginning of December and she is recovering now. We still need to pay off her medical bills though! Any amount will help mend this sweet kitten's broken heart!

Any Amount Helps!


Rejoice is wishing you might help feed a litter of puppies for an entire week!
We often have moms with puppies or just a litter of puppies with no mom around. Boy can these puppies eat! Help feed us for an entire week!



Scarlet hopes you can help feed her and her friends for a week!
Your donation will provide food for 10 rescue cats for an entire week!



Unexpected Medical Funding
Many times dogs and cats come to us with no known history of medical issues. Often it is upon their brief exam we find animals in much need of things like dentals, blood work, or even broken bones. It is with our medical funding donations that we can manage to help these animals receive the treatment they need, while staying afloat to help more. Consider making a recurring donation for cases like these. This helps us count on you and estimate what we are able to handle in advance, knowing we can count on your monthly donation.

Any Amount

Basset Hound Check-Up

Kitten Incubator
Every year we receive many requests to take in orphaned kittens and many times they need the extra warmth and care an incubator can provide while they have no mom to keep them warm. Many times they will come to us infested with fleas and we must bathe them immediately. An incubator helps keep their fragile body temperatures up where they should be. 



Ragdoll Cat
If you are unable to donate via PayPal, we have other ways for you to donate and get involved! You can go to our Facebook page and hit the DONATE button,
Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue | Facebook
or you can donate via mail at
Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue
4227 S. Meridian 
Puyallup, WA 98373
Or, visit our Wishlists by clicking here.
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