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Our Policy Regarding Found Pets:


When a dog or cat is found and brought to our rescue, we make every attempt to reunite pets back to their original owner. Although the state of Washington has no laws warranting a length of holding period for found pets, we as a rescue have created a protocol that allows us to lengthen the time for people for their missing pet in an attempt to reunite the pet, when their family is actively searching for them. Our rescue's protocol is as follows: 

  1. We scan the Found Pet for a microchip, and if a microchip is found we immediately contact the Microchip Company in an attempt to reunite the pet with the owner. 

  2. We report the found animal to the Tacoma Humane Society and the Animal Control Agency who services the area the dog was found. 

  3.  We utilize social media and online avenues to report the found pet. 

  4.  We search for missing pets on a variety of websites and social media, so we are able to view pets in the area who have gone missing with similar attributes. 

Any dog or cat brought to our rescue after being found will be held for seven days before being placed for adoption. 


If you have lost your pet, please scroll to the bottom of this page to view photos of dogs and cats who have recently been surrendered to our rescue after being found. This webpage is updated frequently. Pets who have surpassed the seven day hold will be removed from this page once placed for adoption. 


If you believe Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue has your missing pet: 

Please contact us by email at or leave a message by phone and our volunteer team will contact you promptly. 253-845-8866

To claim a found pet from Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue, we require you to be eighteen years of age or older and have a valid picture I.D. You will be asked to provide proof of ownership such as photos of you with the pet, proof of a current dog license, rabies immunization, and or spay/neuter certificate that match the animal in our care. We will not release any pet without proper proof of ownership. 


If you have found a pet that is not yours, please contact the Tacoma Humane Society and Animal Control and report the pet as found. Please refer to the Tacoma Humane Society webpage below for useful tips.


If you have found a pet that is not yours and have exercised the steps outlined in the Tacoma Humane Society's Website, feel free to contact us by email at to see if we are able to help. As always, we will ensure the animal's welfare is put first and every attempt to reunite the pet with their family is made. 


Found Pets

If you know who these pups belong to, please send us a message with proof of ownership so we can help reunite them with their owner. 

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