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Help us Make it Rain!
Donate to Medical Fund for Animals Today!
Are you able to help?
Our medical fund is completely dry!

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Want to donate on behalf of your adopted pet or in memory of someone? Click below!

What is Giving Tuesday? 

You know how there's Black Friday? It's kind of like that, but for Giving! Giving Tuesday was created as a global movement to spread generosity. Since 2012, millions of people around the world join together to give, volunteer, and spread generosity on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Many choose their favorite non-profit and celebrate by making a donation to help aide in their cause. 


This year all donations from now through Giving Tuesday on December 7th, 2022, will be allocated to our medical fund for animals in need of medical attention. 

Our rescue has always focused on helping the disabled, special needs, and pets in need of medical attention. These special pets are always at the heart of our rescue. Having the ability to help these animals is why we began a rescue, and we will continue helping because of kind people like you! 


We'll share the MAGIC!

We will be using the week leading up to Giving Tuesday to share with you the magic and joy we feel every day, as we get to walk alongside each pet on their journey. Here we'll be sharing their stories, their struggles, and their happy ever after's with you so you're able to see the impact your donation makes with your own eyes. We invite you on this journey with us to celebrate kindness for our four legged friends. We appreciate you and hope these triumphs of the "underdog" brings as much joy to you as it does to us! 

Another Fun Way to Help!

Choose exactly where your donations go! Shop your donation options!

You Can Contribute to these Happy Tails!

Penny is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is as sweet as can be! 

Penny was surrendered to our rescue with limited history. Her ears were badly infected ...

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Priscilla's dad recently passed away unexpectedly. She came to us with a loud heart murmur, and with your help, we know we can provide her with the care she needs. 

Read more here: CLICK HERE



A special little pup from Mexico who was hiding a big medical issue. Once she arrived, we knew there was a long road ahead of us.

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Kris Kringle

Meet this sweet, handsome kitty who was just rescued. Poor Kris Kringle was a lonely stray who was cold and hurting...

Read more here: CLICK HERE

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