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"My name is Priscilla. I'm 9 years old, and my dad recently passed away. His kind daughter tried to take me in, but her big dog didn't like other dogs, so I had to be kept separate. Luckily my dad's family knew just the right place who could take me and ensure I found a loving home. That's how I ended up at Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue. I really miss my dad, but my foster family is really nice and are making sure I get lots of love while I wait to find my forever family. You haven't seen me for adoption yet, because I have a loud heart murmur. I have to wait to get my consultation from a cardiologist to see what my options are. These foster people told me that you might be able to help me if I need surgery because you guys donate to help dogs and cats with medical issues like me. I'm sure hoping you might be able to help, because there are a lot of dog and cat friends here at Sunny Sky's who have required lots of medical attention. I know their medical fund is empty right now. Could you help fill up their medical fund this #GivingTuesday so dogs and cats like me have a chance to receive the care they need to find loving homes? I can't wait to find a forever home, and with your help and donations, I know I'll be able to do that in no time! I appreciate you!" Love, Priscilla


To keep in touch with my story, check back here or visit our Facebook page at Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue | Facebook

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