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See the impact your donation makes. Let's work together to make a better future for those without a voice. We appreciate you visiting us and are so thankful for your support!

Give a dog a bone!
Provide a tasty treat to one of our rescue dogs! Have a special request on the recipient? Let us know! 

Orange Bone


Donate towards a new bed for a rescue pup or cat!
Provide a good nights' sleep to one of our rescue pets by donating towards a new, cozy bed and blanket! Dogs and cats who enter our rescue are often exhausted, confused and looking for a soft place to lay their head so they can decompress. 

Blue Dog Bed 3


Provide a "Paw-dicure" to a rescue pet!
We all deserve to feel a little pampered right? ;-) Provide a much needed pawdicure, (ie. nail trim and bath) to a rescue pet who needs it! 


Dog Spa

Feed Rue a Specialized Diet for a week!
Donate to give the gift of two meals a day to Rue, a pup who had surgery to help his megaesophagus. Rue is on a specialized diet and your donation helps us keep up with this cost. Isn't he adorable though? He is available for adoption! (*wink wink*)



Make a Donation in a Loved One's Name. We will send them a card to alert them of your gift.
Not sure what to get that animal loving friend or family member? How about a donation made in their name? Send us their mailing address when you donate and a message if you choose. We will send a card in the mail to alert the person of your donation made in their name. 

When you choose this option, please send an e-mail with information of where you would like our donation card sent! Click here to send an e-mail directly to the volunteer who sends these out! 


Starts at $25.00
After clicking the donate link, you can choose a different amount if you would like. 

Funny Pitbull Portrait
A Donation was made
in your name!

Loads of Laundry
Each day our laundry machines run non-stop as we keep up with providing our rescues with clean linens and beds. Often having puppies in our care, the laundry triples as puppies have more accidents than anyone! Provide 2 bottles of laundry detergent and dryer sheets by making this donation! You'll be providing a pup or kitty with a nice clean and cozy environment.



Provide Meds for a Special Needs Dog like Sequoia for a whole month!
Sequoia came to our rescue from another shelter. She had multiple seizures a day and needed constant monitoring, diet adjustment, and medicinal needs. Sequoia has been doing great on her new meds and with your help we can provide extra medical care to our rescues like Sequoia when they need it most. (Sequoia is also up for adoption and is looking for a special family!)




The gift of Grooming
Give the gift of grooming to a rescue dog in need. Many times we welcome dogs to our rescue who are covered in matts. Some are so bad they can barely see or move. We often recruit the professionals for these dogs who are in much need. Your donation provides dogs not just the gift of looking pretty, but the gift of feeling good and back to themselves after a long, painful time of neglect.


Pictured here are previous residents, Niki and Peanut. Both came to us horribly matted and with donations like yours they were groomed, and that helped them find a home super fast! They even found a home together! 

Provide Food for 10 Rescue Dogs for an Entire Week
Your donation will provide food for 10 rescue dogs for an entire week! 


Puppy Drinking

Provide Food for 10 Rescue Cats for an Entire Week
Your donation will provide food for 10 rescue cats for an entire week!



Unexpected Medical Funding
Many times dogs and cats come to us with no known history of medical issues. Often it is upon their brief exam we find animals in much need of things like dentals, blood work, or even broken bones. It is with our medical funding donations that we can manage to help these animals receive the treatment they need, while staying afloat to help more. Consider making a recurring donation for cases like these. This helps us count on you and estimate what we are able to handle in advance, knowing we can count on your monthly donation.

Any Amount

Basset Hound Check-Up

Kitten Nursery 
Every year we receive many requests to take in orphaned kittens or mother cats with kittens. We don't always have space to say yes to everyone. This will give us the option to take in more and say yes more often to those kittens and cats in need. This gives us the ability to keep litters and kittens separate to prevent spreading diseases, in an area that would be kept separate from others.



Help Capri Walk again by providing the remaining funds for his surgery by a specialist.
Capri came to us with Osteachondritis Dissecans (OCD). This is an abnormality in the development of bone from cartilage. Having this in his shoulder means there is a flap of cartilage that develops that can cause him to not be able to use his leg at all. We caught this early and began fundraising immediately. We were able to raise almost $1,500 of the $5,000 he needs for the surgery that can correct this issue and provide him with the gift of mobility in that leg for life. With your donation, Capri will be running like the puppy he is in no time. Capri is only a year old with lots of adventures ahead. With your help, he'll conquer them all, pain free with a wagging tail! 



Ragdoll Cat
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