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Meet Fleetwood

An inspiring pup who was ready to face anything to be loved.

Meet Fleetwood!

A special little pup who had the roughest start to life and is finally ready to be the puppy she was always meant to be! We wanted to share her story so you can see the kind of pets we are able to help when you support our rescue.

Fleetwood's Story

Fleetwood came to our rescue from Mexico. Although she was thin, there wasn't any apparent medical issues. Soon, Fleetwood's foster mom noted that she was drinking a lot of water and wasn't as energetic as other puppies her age. We had some tests done and realized she was anemic and had ehrlichia, a relatively common blood born parasite. She was treated but didn't seem to improve. We took her to a specialist who was able to do further testing and an ultrasound, which showed a problem with her uterine stump. Exploratory surgery revealed that she had a transmissible venereal tumor, a treatable type of cancer. Over the course of many months, Fleetwood was treated, underwent chemo, and the cancer went away! Yay! But Fleetwood wasn't out of the woods yet. Unfortunately, she developed a complication from the first surgery and had to have a second surgery. She is recovering now from that surgery and is finally doing well. She has no more underlying medical issues and we hope that she will be available for adoption in the next month or so. Talk about a dog with a "tail!" Your support of our rescue helps dogs like Fleetwood! We just wanted to share what a special journey this sweet pup went through to be here with us today and we can't wait to announce, (hopefully soon) when she'll be available for adoption!

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