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Delhi the Street Dog Foundation provides safe passage and forever homes for Indian Street Dogs. By raising funds and by partnering with animal rescue organizations, Delhi the Street Dog Foundation covers transportation costs to street dogs from India to the United States where they can receive appropriate and safe care – and build an inseparable bond with their new family and community.

India is home to the largest population of stray dogs in the world - over 30 million. While there are a number of organizations in India trying to help solve this seemingly impossible task of finding forever homes for these dogs, due to low adoption rates, many of the shelters in India are over capacity and dogs are left to wander the streets or worse, euthanized.
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New Beginnings
For Merced County Animals

Our mission is to create a new standard in rescue operation with education and community involvement to end the suffering of animals who are lost, abandoned, or given up to the Merced County shelter.

New Beginnings for Animals – Merced is uniquely well-positioned to accomplish this goal by focusing on our three primary activities:

Transporting large numbers of animals out of the Merced shelter
Treating sick/injured abandoned animals and making them available for adoption
AND working to fund a spay/neuter program in the Merced area to address the root of the overpopulation problem–sterilizing dogs and cats to stop the litters of unwanted animals that are overloading the shelters and rescues.


North Beach PAWS is an organization committed to saving the lives of homeless or unwanted domestic animals in the North Beach area of Grays Harbor, WA by providing foster or shelter facility care and seeking permanent adoptive homes for these animals. 


Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. (DIMC) has saved thousands of animals from needless euthanasia through its innovative air transport program. Founded in 2012 by Peter Rork, MD, a retired orthopedic surgeon and lifelong pilot in Wyoming, and Judy Zimet, Esq., a lawyer in Arizona, DIMC flies animals from areas of the United States where they are not wanted to areas of the United States where they’re in demand.


Rescue Express is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that saves thousands of lives each year by offering free animal transport for approved rescue partners.

Each of our weekly transports bring hundreds of homeless animals from high-kill shelters and overpopulated areas in California to rescue partners in Oregon, Washington and Canada who work very hard to find them loving, forever homes.

Our fleet includes 4 school buses that have been converted to safely & humanely transport 150 animals at a time.