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Adopting Hunter

Hi! I thought I’d give a little update on hunter boy!! He is living his best life! Very protective and takes his role very seriously.. gets up and checks on the kids every few hours at night and does a sweep of the whole house. Here’s some pics! He weighs more than me. 😜😂


Adopting Spike Now Yuuki

Hi. We wanted to tell you about our dog Yuuki (formerly Spike) who we adopted in March. His brothers and sisters were Buffy, Angel, Giles and Zander and his mom is Planada.
Yuuki has been a great addition to our family. He is a friendly, loving pup who is a little headstrong at times and loves to play with his larger dog cousins. He spends time in Seattle and also in Friday Harbor so he gets to the beach a lot and enjoys walking in the woods and chasing the big dogs.
Attached are two photos of Yuuki. One was his first visit to the beach as a pup and the second an outing digging clams where he got more than a little dirty with his cousin Pepe.
Thanks for giving us this opportunity. We would love to see any photos others might have of Yuuki's siblings or his mom.


Adopting Bo Peep

Hi! Here's an update on Bo Peep:
Since I got her from SS in February 2016, Bo Peep rode with me to and from WSU, then made the big move to LA with me this past February. She now has two little sisters (Snickerdoodle & Peanut) and although she may not be the biggest fan, she does occasionally let it slip that she loves their company. Bo Peep was my rock through my toughest time in college and has helped make LA feel like home. ❤️ Thank you Sunny Sky's for bringing me my best friend. ❤️


Adopting Hooch, now Maverick 

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I adopted a dog named Hooch (now Maverick). His mom has also adopted a dog named Leif Garrett (now Ace— in the red) around a year ago. We thought you would like to see this cute picture of them on a run yesterday.


Adopting Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae Biography:
I was adopted on October 31st 2017. I spent 40 days in the shelter after someone found me outside. When I was found I was pretty beat up and had some cuts so Sunny Sky's fixed me up and gave me stitches. My favorite things to do now are to eat, play with toys, especially hair ties I find on the floor from my Mom. I love cuddling, relaxing on my back and I belly rubs. I don't like being picked up and I don't like outside.
Today on Halloween is my one-year adoption day! My owners, Jill & Jason, love me!


Adopting Cargo

Cargos 1 year update:
A year ago today I brought the most wonderful dog home and we have had the greatest time with him. He loves to cuddle with me while I watch movies, to play outside with monkey(my families dog), he LOVES food, going on walks and playing with the many toys him and monkey have. I’d have to say I love coming home to him at the end of the day cause he is always so excited to see me and it warms my heart. Today for his one year I took him to get groomed, picked him up some treats and toys and made him some pup cakes. He’s ending the day cuddled up in my lap. I love my cargo and I’m forever happy you guys let me be his forever home! ❤️


Adopting Harley and Sparky

We thought you’d like to see an update on Sparky and Harley. We are having so much fun with these two cuddle bugs! Here they are in their favorite spot - under all these fluffy blankets! Thank you for all that you guys do over there!!


Adopting Garnish, now Joey

Wanted to give you all an update on our precious boy Joey (previously named Garnish) hes my whole world & then some!! We've had him for almost a year now and he has the most amazing personality and makes us laugh endlessly everyday. Hes perfect in every way. Thank you sunny skies! 😊


Adopting Hickory, now Nina

Hi! We adopted Nina (previously named Hickory) from Sunny Skies about one year ago and just wanted to show how much she’s blossomed since we took her home! She was very shy, submissive and timid when we first met her, but now she loves walks, hikes and cuddles!


Adopting Emma

UPDATE 8-8-2018: Emma is doing great, she is still my little dumpling. Her face is almost all white now, and her eye's aren't what they used to be, her hearing is going a bit but life is good and my Emma is still the love of my life (hubby's OK with that!).

Meet Emma, the cutest, funniest puppy I know and she is all mine!! On September 1st, 2012 hubby and I went to the Puyallup Farmer Market because we were driving by and there was a parking spot, little did I know it would be one of the best days of my life! Right off I saw the Sunny Sky's adoption set up and told Mike, we have to go there. I had been wanting a dog for a while and the second I saw Emma, it was love at first sight. It was our anniversary and we decided Emma would be a great addition to our family of 4 cats!

She is a such a delight and brightens my everyday, I am so glad we stopped that day. The kitties have all adjusted and we are one big happy family now! Thank you Sunny Sky's for allowing me to have Emma in my life.


Adopting Kurby

Just wanted to send you a hello and update you on Kurby. We are thrilled to welcome him into our family; he is a very sweet boy! We gave him a bath the first day we brought him home, and he felt SOOOO refreshed and just came to life. He and our other dog, Rocky, are becoming good friends, which is what we had hoped for. Kurby’s tail wags nonstop, and it seems as if he has been with us forever, it feels so natural to have him with us. Thank you for making this possible, and for everything Sunny Sky’s does for these precious pets. We feel like we won the puppy lottery!!


Adopting Rainbow, now Ellie

We adopted Ellie (previously named Rainbow) from Sunny Sky’s exactly a year ago, and this sweet little girl has made our past year a complete joy! Ellie was very shy and timid when she first came to live with us, but with lots of love and patience she has learned to trust us and is such a happy pup. She does everything with her big pitbull brother, Ben, by her side. She loves to go for walks, play with her toys, wrestle with her brother, go for car rides, and take dirty socks out of the laundry! She is an exceptional swimmer and loves to be on the boat when the sun is out. Thank you Sunny Sky’s for letting us adopt our sweet Ellie girl. We are so thankful for all that you do!