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Those who teach the most about humanity,
aren't always humans.
-Donald L. Hicks


Martha Washington In April 2012 a two year old Pit Bull came into the shelter. Covered in bite marks, fresh and new, it was clear that this sweet and scarred beauty was used as a bait dog. She was immediately rushed into surgery, a life-saving surgery that was done just in time. With wounds covering most of her body, some so large they could not be closed, we could not believe what she had been through. Her front leg was so badly injured, it had to be removed. Even after the surgery, her body looked broken. As we looked at the scars that covered her face and the stitches that held her together, we couldn't help but feel sadness and anger. As some of us were struggling to understand how someone could do this to a dog so sweet, a family of five came in asking to see her. They took one look and fell in love, they could only see this darling little girl and the future they could give her. After a few emotional days and with her new family watching, this beautiful girl went outside and started trying to run and play. Martha Washington our brave pit bull was going to be okay!

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. 


Saving Trixie. Trixie was dropped off at our shelter after her owner passed away. Trixie has Cellebellar Hypoplasia. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls coordination. And when it doesn't develop fully, the pup has a hard time walking and doing other coordinated activities. 

     Trixie trembles constantly. She is unable to see well and she is nervous around new people and animals. When Trixie first arrived, we put her in our exam room where it was most quiet. She was so scared that for days we were unable to touch her. She lunged out to bite at every shadow and passing person. People often asks why we take dogs like Trixie. For us, the answer is simple. They are all worth saving. Unfortunately there is really no where else for them to turn. We worry about the fate of these precious animals if we turn them away. We are not able to take every dog and cat, but we can try to take the ones who need us most. Trixie met this criteria. After three days in our care Trixie settled. She got to know our voices and we held her and pet her

 until she understood that we were there to help. Now Trixie prances around the yard with us, jumps into our arms, and licks our faces. Her tail wags constantly and she's even made a few doggy friends. She is improving and learning to trust every day! She has the ability to live a happy, healthy life full of being loved. Now she just needs a chance at a loving home. Adopting a dog or cat with a disability can be incredibly rewarding. We have an educated hospital staff that can answer any questions you may have! Come meet Trixie today and see what an incredible dog she really is! 

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Some call me a senior dog. That just means I have years of experience in the fine art of friendship.


Saving Dusty Dusty was an 18 year old yorkie who was taken from a hoarding situation where his only companionship came from the neglected dogs who surrounded him. With so many dogs sharing one owner, Dusty spent his 18 years isolated from people with nowhere to seek comfort. In a life full of loneliness, Dusty was left to deteriorate, every year his health slid down hill leaving him bald, blind and barely able to walk when he was finally saved. Showing no signs of interest in humanity and because of his advanced years, adoption did not look like an option for him. Not knowing if he would ever find a home, he was treated and started on medication. During a Sunday adoption event a woman came into the shelter specifically looking for Dusty, her significant other was in Afghanistan and had encouraged her to visit him. As he was brought out, her eyes filled with tears, she instantly reached for him and cradled him in her arms. From that moment on he was hers, she even filled out the adoption papers with one hand, not willing to let him go. As she left with Dusty, she promised to send updates on how he is doing. Every month a new picture of Dusty arrives and with every picture his fur and his waist look thicker. The most recent email showed us how far our old man had come, he was healthy, happy and even formed a bond with her following her everywhere she goes. His 18 years of isolation replaced by a new beginning with a family he can love.

Second Hand Animals Make First Class Pets.