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Meet Kris Kringle

The Sweetest Kitty Around

Kris Kringle was a stray who found himself frequenting the home of two kind folks with early dementia. The couple had a cat who was not interested in making friends and therefore, were unable to let Kris Kringle into their home.  The lady in the home was sleeping on the enclosed porch with a heater so she could be with Kris Kringle. We were contacted to see if we could pick up the kitty who had taken refuge on their porch and we were so touched by the couple's dedication to Kris, that we knew we had to help. When a volunteer went to pick up Kris Kringle, it was apparent he was in much distress. 

More on Kris Kringle

Kris was extremely underweight and having a difficult time breathing. A quick x-ray showed that he had a diaphragmatic hernia. This means he had a hole in his diaphragm and in his case, some of his abdominal organs, including his small intestines were in his chest. There was no time to fundraise, and no time to waste. We knew in order to save him; he needed treatment immediately. Luckily Summit Veterinary Referral and Specialty Center were able to fit him in right away, and he had a consult and surgery last Friday 11-18-2022. By Sunday he was making great strides and was even able to be picked up. He's eating and acting like a much happier kitty who is no longer in distress. We are still awaiting his final bill, but we have attached our estimate so you can see just how much these bills can drain our resources. It is only with your help, we can save animals in need of immediate medical attention. We appreciate any help you can offer! 

How you can help Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle would love for you to help! We appreciate any and all donations you are able to give! They sure make a huge difference!

Canned Food

Donate Food Direct to Kris!

Kris Kringle loves his food almost as much as he loves his cuddles! Shop our wishlist and send items to him and the pets in our rescue directly!

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Donate to help contribute to his surgery!

Surgery saved this sweet guy's life! It is only with your help we can continue helping animals just like Kris.

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Become a Recurring Donor

Your donation each month for the cost of a cup of coffee, helps us count on you so we know just how many animals we are able to help. These kinds of donations help us plan and prepare as we take in animals in need of medical attention.

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